About the Programme

Will there be a Festival in 2020?

A festival with plenty of connection, workshops, communal food and contact is not possible in june 2020 due to the Corona virus.The 14th Festival will take place in 2021: 25-26 june. We hope to see you there!

Can I join the Festival even if I do not have any experience with yoga?

Absolutely, you are very welcome to join us! We offer a variety of yoga lessons and special workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga practitioners. In the programme, the levels of the different classes and workshops are marked. 

Should I indicate which workshops I would like to take before the festival starts?

No, that is not necessary. You can just decide that on the spot. 

Is it possible to buy a day ticket or can I pay for separate workshops?

It is only possible to register for the complete festival from Friday 26 June to Sunday 28 June 2020. 

About your stay at the Festival Grounds

I found accommodation elsewhere, what does this mean for my participation fee?

The participation fee remains the same. You will still make use of the campground facilities during the festival. 

Is the rental fee for the tent calculated per person?

In case you rent a tent, only one participant pays the one-time fee of € 80. It is up to him/her whether the tent will be shared with other participants. It is not necessary to inform us about the names of the participants that share the tent.

Can I bring my dog to the festival?

Pets are not allowed on the festival grounds. 

Can I take my campervan or caravan? 

That is fine and will not affect your participation fee. Just ask us about the camper/caravan code and you will receive a 50% discount on the ferry crossing price. For more information about the prices and time table of the ferry, see Rederij-Doeksen.nl. 

Is it possible to get electricity at my tent, camper or caravan?

There are possibilities for electricity at your camp spot. However, we can only check the possibilities once you arrived at the campground. The earlier you arrive, the more change we will have to do this!  

I would like to get accommodation outside the festival grounds. Which options do I have? 

About 95% of the participants stays in their own or a rented tent at the festival grounds. For other options, see www.vvvterschelling.nl or check the following options: 

- Hotels: Hotel Bornholm and Westcord Hotels

- Bed and bedfast: Cyprian, StayOkay

- Bungalows for rent: Holiday Park de Riesen , nearby the festival grounds

- Rental Caravans: campsite Camping Cupido

I have an allergy, is it possible to get a special diet?

The festival menu that is served is vegetarian and suitable for people with a gluten or lactose allergy. In case you have any other allergies or food intolerances the kitchen should be aware of, make note of them in the online registration form so that we can take this into consideration.  

Registration and payment

I completed the online registration form, but I did not get a confirmation. What should I do?

After filling out and sending in the online registration form, you receive a confirmation by email. In case you do not receive this confirmation, check your spam. Still no email? Just contact us.  

Do I receive an entry ticket or a proof of payment?

No, we will check your registration upon arrival with our list of participants. In case you want to double check if your payment went through, just check the balance overview of your bank account. The most recent information about the Yoga Festival can be found in the programme booklet and in the practical information, which can be found in the download section of this webpage. 

I cannot make it to the festival: Can I get someone else to take over my registration?

It is possible to let someone else take over your registration. Just make sure to send us his/her name and contact details so that we can correct it on our list of participants. 

For more information regarding the cancellation policy, please see the general conditions ( Algemene voorwaarden)

I cannot be there for the complete weekend. Is it possible to get a discount? 

No, it is not possible to get a discount. We only have special prices for children (see below). 

I finalized my registration and did my payment, but I just realized I would like to rent a sleeping mattress, a tent and/or join the pre-/after programme. Am I too late?

No worries. Just transfer the rental and/or extra programme fee to us and we will make sure to change your registration. You can transfer the amount to Foundation Yoga Festival, bank account NL44 RABO 0115 2623 26. Make sure to include your name as a reference. In case you want to double check whether your payment went through, just check the balance overview of your bank account. If necessary, it is possible to receive an invoice for this extra payment at the festival. 


Is the Yoga Festival also for children?

Yes, a special yoga programme for kids is organized. This is suitable for children from about 4 years old. Apart from yoga, the programme can also consist of guided adventure walks or other creative activities. It is not necessary for parents to guide their children at the childrens workshops. Instead, the parents can go ahead and take their own workshops at the same time. Also, there are special Parent & Child yoga and/or creative workshops that parents can take together with their children. These sessions are suitable for children from the age of 3 years.  

Is childcare available?

No, but we do organize special activities and yoga workshops for children. This gives parents the chance to take their own workshops. 

What is the participation fee for children and teenagers?

The participation fee for children and teenagers includes their stay at the Festival campground in their own tent, participation in the special programme for kids, food, fruit and unlimited Yogi Tea and a rental bike/a child’s seat for the bicycle. The participation fee for children between 10 and 18 years old is € 13,- for each age year. For children below the age of 10, the following applies: 

  < 1 year       €    0
  1 - 2 years      €  75
  3 years    € 100
 4 – 10 years     € 125

How do I register my child as a participant? 

When registering yourself, add the name and age of your child at the ‘extra option’ section. 

I have more or other questions, what do I do?

Just write us an email or give us a call. We would be happy to help you out!

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